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Want a tough proximity flyer that you can still take to the race track ? Here is the Black Ops !

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  • 4 inch
  • 5 inch
  • 6 inch

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This is our new Black Ops race/proximity frame designed to be flown anywhere and still beat the opposition on race day. 

Besides being light weight, this frame has ultra low surface area for reduced wind resistance and high speed performance.  In fact it has only marginally more surface area than our Race series.

Key features are:
Symmetrical motor locations with 4" 5" and 6'" variants
Significantly lower weight than your standard black out style frame yet smaller and stronger:
    4in - 105 grams
5in - 112 grams
6in - 118 grams

Extensive integrated CF bumper protection system, top and bottom, front and rear.
Lower 30mm profile for strength
Innovative structural system and component layout
High quality components inlcuding 7075 aluminium standoffs and titanium fasteners.
Full compatibility with the Race series 180, 210 and 225. In other words, you can swap base plate systems and arms between the Black Ops and Race series and in any size (BO4, BO5, BO6, Race180, Race210 and Race225).  

Further information on the frame design is contained in the thread on rcgroups.

Package Contents

Top Plate - 2.0mm
Upper Bottom Plate - 1.5mm
Lower Bottom Plate - 2.0mm
Top Front Bumper - 1.5mm
Top Rear Bumper - 1.5mm
Bottom Front Bumper - 4.0mm
Bottom Rear Bumper - 4.0mm

Afro Mini PDB #
Die cut neoprene foam rubber battery pad for the top plate

Arm Choice
Arms are removable and interchageable with other arm sizes:
  4in Arms - 4mm thick and tapers to 14mm at narrowest point
  5in Arms - 4mm thick and tapers to 16mm at narrowest point
  6in Arms - 4mm thick and tapers to 18mm at narrowest point

Race Screw Kit
M3x30 7075 Orange Alu Standoffs - 5pcs
M3x12mm Hex Button Titanium Screw - 10pcs
M3x10mm Nylon Black Hex (female - female) - 4pcs
M3x6mm Nylon Black Hex button machine screw - 5pcs
M3x8mm Nylon Black Hex button machine screw - 5pcs
M3x12mm Nylon Black Hex button machine screw - 5pcs
M3x1mm Nylon black washers - 20pcs
M3 Alu orange countersunk washers - 10pcs

Bottom Plate Screw Kit
M3x12 Stainless Steel Hex Button (black) - 15pcs
M3x14 Stainless Steel Hex Button (black) - 5pcs
M3 Alu Nylon Lock Nut (Black) - 15pcs
M3x14mm Nylon Black Phillips button machine screw - 5pcs
M2x10 Stainless Steel Hex Cap - 2pcs
M2 Stainless Steel Nylon Lock Nut - 2pcs

Pad Kit
Small black zip tie (same as other kit) 1.8x100mm - 10pcs
Large black zip tie (same as other kit) 35x350mm - 4pcs
3M double sided tape - 1.2mmx20mmx100mm - 1pc

Optional Extras+

Foam pad for bottom of frame
Custom XT60 PDB
Rear LEDs - High luminosity CREE LED in red, green and blue.
Four point FPV camera mount
Motor mount screw kits

The frame does not include motor mount screws or washers. We recommend alu hex cap screws and alu washers to mount your motors.  The motor mount options include 20 alu screws and 20 alu countersunk washers.

Build Comments

As these vertical CF plates are integral to the design, we have kept the tolerances as tight as we can. Accordingly, some sanding of the tabs for the vertical plates may be required to fit into the slots. Please avoid oversanding for a sloppy fit. Always include the vertical plates and bumpers in your build, they are a key structural design feature.  

The battery strap MUST go around the entire frame body and not just the top plate.  This is a key design feature which clampts the two plates togther with the vertical plates.  We recommend the longer BOLT battery straps (30cms) for this reason. 

Recommended Components

All electronics, wiring, motors and props are not included and can be purchased separately. Please note that this quad is specifically designed to take a 25mm mini cam (eg. HS1177) or the micro version. 

Some suggested components with details of these items available on the specific product pages:

Xnova 2204 kv2300* (An exceptional motor with 100grams more thrust than the cobra equivalent, great for 5in)
Xnova 2206 kv2000  (A beast of motor with amazing thrust, recommended for 5.5in or 6in)
Xnova 2206 kv2300 (Higher rpm power house, great for 5in)
Cobra 2204 KV2300   (Popular and a good price)
Cobra 2206 KV2100  (Racing power house, 4S and 5.5 or 6in props)
BO 2206 KV2350 (OMG, can  your battery handle this monstor.  Our favourite big air motor with the Bolt210)
ZTW Mini 18A Opto  (tiny and as tough as nails. More reliable than the SN20s)
Little Bee 20A  (Great performance and improved reliability over the SN20s)
ZTW Pro Spider 20A  (new kid on the block, high performance F330 silabs chip for faster switching. Pick this over the LB20s)
ZTW HV Pro Spider 20A * (new kid on the block, extreme performance F390 silabs chip for super fast switching)
Naze 32 Acro  *  (Is there another?  Yes, plenty of F3 boards)
D4R Receiver    (Great for Frsky users)
XSR* (Smaller with full sbus support andlower latency)
X4R (Small with full sbus support andlower latency)
HS1177 Camera  *   (Nothing to think about, just get this one)
VTX Pitail *   (SMA or RPSMA)
Battery Strap  * (Great non slip coating)
14AWG Wire  *  (Pigtail for battery)
18AWG Wire  * (ESC power cables)
XT60 Plugs  *  (For battery connection)
D-Sun Reg  * (Provides reg voltage to electronics and also acts as a LC filter. So useful and cheap, buy two!)
Aomway Antenna (SMA or RPSMA) * (Slightly more expensive but tough as... Match connector with your VTX)

* Suggested build for most flyers on 3S and 4S.  For people new to the hobby we recommend the BOLT250.

We are unable to offer VTX for sale in Australia.  For overseas buyers, we suggest the Aomway 200mw.

Assembly Instructions

Assembly Instructions

The BOLT races frames shares a common layout and accordingly, this 180 build video applies to the 150, 180, 210 and 225.