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This is the ARF/RTF version of the BOLT250 STEALTH.  It is been designed to give new flyers a solid foundation in FPV racing but also to serve you through to the bleeding edge as your skills progress. All items have been carefully chosen to grow with your skills whilst being the best value we could find. Almost all of the items on this quad are also used by highly experienced flyers running high speed 4S systems.

The frame is our top of the range Stealth model. By coupling this ultra light weight frame with high performing light weight motors and the latest ESCs.  This provides a power to weight ratio equal to some of the fastest quads around. Being so light weight, the potential damage on impact is greatly reduced whilst you are still learning. In any event, as the components are good value, any breakages will not break the bank.  

We have already configured this quad to be 4S compatible out of the box giving you even more speed when you can handle it. This coupled with the included high performance ESCs means you can readily install more power motors and bigger props to turn this qaud into a dress circle winner.  

Whats Included:

Bolt250 Stealth
This is our top of the range frame low profile frame. 
Through a thoughtful design process, we have created a very compact frame that is very light without compromising strength or stiffness.  C The frame ships with standard 3mm thick CF arms for a 5 inch prop. Additional arm options are also available.  The 6 inch arm is also a good choice however we do not recommend the 4mm thick arms as this strength is not required.

Flight Contoller
This is a genuine Naze 32 Acro made in Japan. In our opinion, it is the best FC on the marker bar none.  The N32 includes the N32 PDB and RX harness. 

LittleBee 20A ESCs
The latest ultra light weight 20A (3S-4S) ESCs on the market with the BL Heli  firmware and BLHeli bootloader. Also incuded is some skrink wrap to cover the ESCs after installation .  

Xnova 2204 KV2300 Supersonic
These are premium motors that are both tough and powerful. Note these motors are not shown in the photo above.

We have included a D-Sun regulator to provide 4S compatibility for your electronics. Just plug in a 3S or 4S battery and you are good to go.

Silicone wire and XT60
We include 14AWG and 20AWG silicone wire for your speed controllers and battery connection plus an XT60 plug for your power connection. Also shrink wrap for your speedies and antenna

Power Distribution Boards
PDBs make builds easier and add bling with pretty lights. They do this at the expense of strength, weight and EMI. The BOLT250 is designed to be the easiest non-pdb quad on the market, we believe we achieved this. Once it's built, it will fly better, faster and break less.   A mini Naze pdb is included with the frame as standard.

Gemfan Props (8 pcs)
HQP Props are the best quality mini props on the market at present. Huh, but you are suppling GFs. The best performing and cheapest props for this motor are however the GF5030. Afterall, you are going to break a lot of them!  

The Sony Superhad II is the number one selling camera sensor for FPV, for good reason, it is brilliant.  The smallest and lightest camera containing this sensor is the Surveilzone HS1177.  In our opinion, the best FPV camera on the market. 

VTX Antenna and Pigtail
We include a very good performing 5.8ghz clover antenna that connects to our rp-sma bulkhead and pigtail. If you require SMA please email us.  

Almost Ready to Fly

The above parts are for an ARF and require you to build the quad.  All the parts listed are supplied.

Whats not included:

Transmitter and Receiver
We recommend the Frsky Taranis transmitter and D4R II or X4R receiver.  This is the number one setup for minis.  

We recommend 3S 1300mah 35C LiPo with an XT60 plug.