Light Wires - LED RGB (5pcs)

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PCB Motor Wires with integrated RGBs


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Light Wires combine RGB race lights with PCB motor wires. The PCB motor wires make changing motors a breeze when using 4in1 ESCs.

No need for separate RGB LED strips, they are fully integrated. We use 3535 mini RGBs which are the same brightness as the 5050s but are around half the area which allows us to fit 6 LEDs rather than the usual 3 you get on an LED strip. The boards include a 3v3 to 5v signal level shifter to provide more reliable signals from your STM32 based FCs.  The pads are large and straight forward to solder.  We have also included a signal out pad if you wish to daisy chain all of your PCBs to make each LED uniquely addressable.   

The 4 layer board, made with 2oz copper provides 75% more copper than comparible products...meaning less resistance and more power to your motors. The pads use large 15mil vias to allow the solder to fill the void and minimize the resistance between the layers. We recommend that you remove any debris (eg. white solder mask) from the vias with a sharp needle prior to soldering.

The Light Wires ship with a matching light weight FR4 blank that insulates the bottom of the Light Wire board from the carbon fiber. If you dont use them, you must use something else to insulate them from the CF...

We ship the LEDs with clear shrink to provide some protection against gates or prop strikes and it also holds the blanks in place. You can also fill the gaps between the LEDs with epoxy to make them even more industructable.....

The boards are 35x9mm and weigh 1.3gms each. The blanks weigh 0.3gms each.


These are the latest WS2812b RGBs which have recently been upgraded by the manufacturer. Besides a higher 2000hz refresh rate, they now have a 280u second reset pulse. Please make sure you FC uses the new reset pulse code to avoid compatibility issues.

Please minimize any bending to the LED panel when separating LED boards.